Armed with a small camera, Jhing vlogs her way through life. Follow Jhing as she documents her music, thoughts, and adventures on The Jhing Tube....
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Jhing is a singer, songwriter, educator, music producer, actor, web designer, model, vlogger, etc. etc.  She’s always had an artistic spirit and is constantly seeking to learn and grow.  But of all the things she’s become, Jhing says that music will always be her first born child. She came from a family of singers and musicians and was surrounded by music all her life. It is music that has paved the way for her to delve into other creative endeavors.

Born in Manila, Philippines, Jhing’s parents wanted a better life for their children so they set out for America, while Jhing and her siblings were raised by her lola (grandma) Julianna. As a kid, she entertained herself by acting and singing in front of the mirror and making up stories that she and her friends acted out. She looked up to her sister Jhoy, a singer in her own right, who encouraged her to join the church choir. But it was in her 4th grade music class that she realized her talent for performing. “We all had to sing in front of the class and I picked ‘Crazy For You’ by Madonna. It was my first solo performance ever and I was so scared and nervous. The moment I opened my mouth I felt this amazing energy and power.  I didn’t know I could even sing for real until that moment. From then on my friends and teachers treated me differently and I learned that having the gift of music is a blessing that shouldn’t be taken lightly.”

Jhing moved to the United States at the age of twelve where her love for music and acting were honed even further. She was introduced to multiple genres of music and started to perform for parties and gatherings with the encouragement of her parents, Jun Sillona, a pianist, and Ampy Sillona, also a singer. Jhing discovered that her talent also had some benefits when she started to earn extra money from winning singing contests around town. By the age of sixteen, she was singing four to seven days a week in corporate functions, casinos, and clubs for local bands in Los Angeles which included The Howlers, a band managed by her uncle and guitarist, Bobby Sillona. Soon, her brother, JayR joined her in the band as well.

A neighbor introduced Jhing to songwriter and producer, Bobby Nunn, who has worked and made hits for the likes of Rick James, Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind & Fire, The Jets, and many more. Together they wrote and experimented with soul and jazz music and came up with Jhing’s first CD, “Sushi Money”. Though the album was created in a home studio with musician friends, it quickly gained Jhing international recognition as thousands of fans from all over the world got a hold of her CD through MySpace and iTunes.

Jhing’s diversity allows her to sing and compose different genres of music which led to numerous opportunities. She writes and sings with and for other artists and frequently does session work. She is one of the most sought out singers in Southern California and “gigs” as a freelance singer in the U.S. Her music has helped her land her first acting role as a singing waitress in the blockbuster film, Spider-man 3, and she has since appeared in Hangover 2 and in shows such as Boston Legal, The Today Show, America’s Got Talent, and in commercials. On stage, she’s played a bar girl as Yvonne in Miss Saigon, a nun as Sister Margaretta in Sound of Music, a broken hearted ingénue as Belle in A Christmas Carol, and others. Jhing continues to sing, act, write songs, produce, teach music, design sites, and is learning how to vlog. She is currently developing an internet show called “The Jhing Tube,” and is working on a new CD.